Joseph L. Perry Family

Name Born Place Married Place Died Place
Joseph L. Perry   Halifax County, NC1 Jul 13 18242 Baker County, GA2 18454 Dooley County, GA4
Mary Ann Brown Mar 27 18092 North Carolina1     Apr 22 18752 Randolph County, GA4


Joseph's Joseph Perry Emily Harper


Name Sex Born Place Spouse Married Died Place
Mary Perry F 18282,4 Dooley County, GA4 Daniel A. McLain6 Nov 7 18476    
Allen B. Perry M Sep 21 18292,4 Dooley County, GA4        
James Washington Perry M Aug 12 18312,4 Dooley County, GA4 Nancy Ann Maples4 18494 Apr 6 19064 Banks Cemetary,
Grady County, GA4
Calvin R. Perry M Aug 10 18372,4 Dooley County, GA4 Sarah ?4 18594 Aug 14 18974 Bethany Cemetary,
Decatur County, GA4
Joel Edward Perry M May 24 18402,4 Dooley County, GA2,4 Anna Maria Brown2,4 Mar 13 18642 Dec 07 18942,4 Damascus Cemetary,
Randolph County, GA4
Redmon A. Perry M Jul 18 18434 Dooley County, GA4 Siddath Sutton4 May 01 18647 19168 Ochlocknee Cemetary,
Thomas County, GA4


Found in 1830 Dooley County, GA census records
Found in 1840 Dooley County, GA census records

Mary Ann Perry listed as head-of-household in 1845 State Censis Report of Dooley County, Georgia.
Mary Ann Perry Odom found in 1850 Baker County census.
Mary Ann Perry Odom found in 1860 Baker County census.
Mary Ann Perry Odom found in 1870 Randolph County census.

On August 30, 1845, Mary Ann Brown married Andrew Jackson Odom, a widower with nine children from North Carolina. His previous wife, Charlotte Royal, had died. The family moved back to Baker County around 1847.2

1850 Baker County census
 135454OdumAndrew54MWFarmer1,000N. Carolina
 145454OdumMary Ann40FW  N. Carolina
 155454OdumCalven10MW  Georgia
 165454OdumJoel8MW  Georgia
 175454OdumRedin6MW  Georgia

Joseph's Will was administrated by Andrew Jackson Odom on January 26, 1846. Andrew Odom bought most of the personal items.3

In May 1875 term of Court of Randolph County, the will of Mary Ann Perry Odom was recorded, naming Redmond A. Perry as executor. In her will she named her children: James Washington Perry, Calvin R. Perry, Joel E. Perry, Redmond A. Perry and Mary Cannington. No mention of son Alan B. Perry in her will.4

Odom, Mary A. 5 May 1876 CA Randolph Co., Ga. Legal notice. R. A. Perry, executor of Mary A. Odom, represents to the court that he has fully administered Mary A. Odom's estate; re: to be discharged from executorship & receive letters of dismission 1st Mon Aug 1876.5

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