James Washington Perry Family

Name Born Place Married Place Died Place
James Washington Perry Aug 12 18312 Dooley County, GA     Apr 6 19062 Banks Cemetary,
Grady County, GA2 Map
Mary J. Banks2 Sep 16 18392   May 17 18674 Grady County, GA Mar 16 19212 Banks Cemetary,
Grady County, GA2


James' Joseph L. Perry Mary Ann Brown

Other Spouses

Name Born Place Married Place Died Place
Nancy Ann Maples (1st Wife)2 18312   1849 Baker County, GA 18522 Baker County, GA
Martha Castleberry (2nd Wife)2 18302   1855 Decatur County, GA 1866 Decatur County, GA


Name Sex Born Place Spouse Married Died Place


Found in 1850 Baker County, Georgia census records with wife, Nancy Ann. No children listed.
Found in 1860 Decatur County census records with wife, Martha. Four children listed.
Found in 1900 Thomas County, Georgia census records with third wife, Mary Jane Banks. No children listed.

James grew up in Baker County, Georgia. He and his brother, Calvin R. Perry, bought property and moved their families near Spring Creek in Decatur Couny, Georgia prior to 1860.2

On August 13, 1861, James and brother Calvin both enlisted in the 'Decatur Guards', GA 17th Regiment, Company D. This regiment consisted of men from Webster & Stewart counties.1

Private Aug. 13, 1861. Wounded in eye, resulting in loss of sight, at Sharpsburg, Md. Sept. 17, 1862. Paroled, Burkeville, Va. Apr. 14-17, 1865.3

After the war, James returned to Decatur County, then moved to Henry County, AL for a short while. He returned to Thomas County, GA which became Grady County.

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