Calvin R. Perry Family

Name Born Place Married Place Died Place
Calvin R. Perry Aug 10 18375 Dooley County, GA2     Aug 14 18975 Bethany Cemetary,
Decatur County, GA2Map
Sarah ?2 18402   18592 Baker County, GA2 18662 Decatur County, GA2


Calvin's Joseph L. Perry Mary Ann Brown

Other Spouses

Name Born Place Married Place Died Place
Susan W. ? 18502     Decatur County, GA2    


Name Sex Born Place Spouse Married Died Place
Anna Perry2 F 18622 Decatur County, GA2     18752 Decatur County, GA2
Lucy Elizabeth "Lizzie" Perry2 F July 8 18652 Decatur County, GA2 Charles M. Freeman4 Jan 3 18994 Nov 1 18992,5 Bethany Cemetary,
Decatur County, GA2,5
Harriet S. "Hattie" Perry2 F 18662 Decatur County, GA2 S.R. Hurst4 Jan 23 18844    


Living with Andrew Jackson Odom and Mary Ann Brown Perry Odom per 1850 Baker County census.
1850 Baker County census
 135454OdumAndrew54MWFarmer1,000N. Carolina
 145454OdumMary Ann40FW  N. Carolina
 155454OdumCalven10MW  Georgia
 165454OdumJoel8MW  Georgia
 175454OdumRedin6MW  Georgia

Found in 1860 Decatur County census records with wife Sarah. No children listed.
Calvin's first wife, Sarah, not listed in 1870 census. She might have died giving birth to daughter Harriett.
Calvin and 2nd wife, Susan, listed in 1880 census. Anna was not listed in this census. Had she married or was she dead?

Calvin grew up in Baker County, Georgia. He and his brother, James Washington Perry, bought property and moved their families near Spring Creek in Decatur Couny, Georgia prior to 1860.2

James and brother Calvin both enlisted in 'Decatur Guards' GA 17th Regiment, Company D on August 13, 1861.
This regiment consisted of men from Webster & Stewart counties.1

Private Aug. 13, 1861. Appointed 1st Corporal Jan. 30, 1863; 1st Sergeant July 3, 1863. Wounded in breast at Deep Bottom, Va. Aug. 16, 1864. Surrendered, Appomattox, Va. Apr. 9, 1865.3
After the war he returned to Sarah in Decatur County, Georgia.

In 1889, Calvin owned over 1475 acres in the forks of Flint River and Spring Creek. This land is now underwater except for islands of Lake Seminole. and included Wingate Channel and Karl's Pass.2

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