Joel Edward Perry Family

Name Born Place Married Place Died Place
Joel Edward Perry May 24 18402,3 Dooley County, GA2,3 Mar 13 18642 Baker County, GA2 Dec 07 18942,3 Damascus Cemetary,
Randolph County, GA3Map
Anna Maria Brown Mar 25 18472,3 Dooley County, GA3     Jun 12 19223 Damascus Cemetary,
Randolph County, GA3


Joel's Joseph L. Perry Mary Ann Brown
Anna's Henry T. Brown3 Molcy J. Odom3


Name Sex Born Place Spouse Married Died Place
Elizabeth Mariah "Lizzie" Perry F Dec 14 18713 Randolph County, GA3 Thomas Jefferson McClelland3 Feb 9 18913 19193 Jackson Heights Cemetary,
Tampa, FL3
Minnie Julia Perry F May 05 18733 Randolph County, GA3 Phelmon Hanson Ramsey3 18913 December 23 19573 Pine Bluff Cemetary,
Dougherty County, GA3
Cora Eula Perry F Jul 08 18763 Randolph County, GA3 J.D. Ramsey3 Aug 3 18933 Oct 1 18943 Dougherty County, GA3
Alfred Colquitt Perry M Apr 15 18813 Randolph County, GA3 Allie Viola Sharpe3 Sep 1 19073 Dec 31 19473 Pleasant Grove Cemetary,
Colquitt County, GA3
Henry McDonald Perry M Jul 14 18833 Randolph County, GA3     July 18, 19563 Riverside Cemetary,
Albany, GA3
Laura Judson "Juttie" Perry F Jan 27 18863 Randolph County, GA3 Homer Edgar Hay3 December 07, 19023 March 09, 19713 Riverside Cemetary,
Albany, GA3


Living with Andrew Jackson Odom and Mary Ann Brown Perry Odom per 1850 Baker County census.
1850 Baker County census
 135454OdumAndrew54MWFarmer1,000N. Carolina
 145454OdumMary Ann40FW  N. Carolina
 155454OdumCalven10MW  Georgia
 165454OdumJoel8MW  Georgia
 175454OdumRedin6MW  Georgia

Found in 1860 Laurens County census, living with Henry Hamon family.
Found in 1870 Randolph County census. No children listed.
Found in 1880 Randolph County census, listed with wife and three daughters.

Enlisted in Baker County "Fire-Eaters" Volunteers in June, 1862. Captured in Virginia on May 10, 1863. Released on parole on May 19, 1865.1

Joel's health was poor due to spending several years in a Northern prison after being captured in the war.3

Joel's daughter Cora Eula Perry died in childbirth along with her child.3

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