Redmon A. Perry Family

Name Born Place Married Place Died Place
Redmon A. Perry Jul 18 18435 Dooley County, GA5 May 01 186412 Baker County, GA6 19161 Ochlocknee Cemetary,
Thomas County, GA6Map
Siddath Sutton Aug 18445 Baker County, GA5     19162 Ochlocknee Cemetary,
Thomas County, GA6


Redmon's Joseph L. Perry Mary Ann Brown
Siddath's John C. Sutton Siddath Blount


Name Sex Born Place Spouse Married Died Place
Martin Ambus Perry M Jul 09 18656 Randolph County, GA6 Bethanie 'Thanie' Leigh6 Sep 03 18916 Jun 28 19436 Hebron Cemetary,
Hamilton County, FL6
Joel A. Perry M Jun 18676 Randolph County, GA6 Ivy M. Scott11 18902    
Allen Perry M Jun 18706 Randolph County, GA6        
Emma Perry F 18726 Randolph County, GA6        
Allison Smith Perry M Jan 01 187510 Randolph County, GA6 Bessie Nobles Veal6 Apr 16 19016 Dec 13 195610 Oak Hill Cemetary,
Brooks County, FL
Sallie M. Perry F Oct 18776 Randolph County, GA6 J.P. Bruner6 May 26 19086    
Pearl E. Perry F Apr 18806 Randolph County, GA6 J. Eddings Garrison6 Apr 15 19006 19416 Ochlocknee Cemetary,
Thomas County, GA6
Lee Ernest Perry M Apr 18836 Randolph County, GA6 Vera Almarine Jones6 Sep 02 19166    
Addie L. Perry F Sep 03 18851 Randolph County, GA6 Herman Albert Gafford6 Sep 14 19136 May 8 19401 Ochlocknee Cemetary,
Thomas County, GA6


Living with Andrew Jackson Odom and Mary Ann Brown Perry Odom per 1850 Baker County census.
1850 Baker County census
 135454OdumAndrew54MWFarmer1,000N. Carolina
 145454OdumMary Ann40FW  N. Carolina
 155454OdumCalven10MW  Georgia
 165454OdumJoel8MW  Georgia
 175454OdumRedin6MW  Georgia

Found in 1860 Mitchell County census records, working as a laborer (age 17) for William T. Cox.
Found in 1870 and 1880 Randolph County census records.
Found in 1900 and 1910 Thomas County census records.
Children Sallie, Lee and Addie living at home per 1900 Thomas County census records.
John H. Beasley, from South Carolina, boarding with family per 1900 Thomas County census records.
Children Pearl, granddaughter Eloise and Addie living at home per 1910 Thomas County census records.

1850 Baker County census
 395353SultanLydia44FW 600Washington Co Ga
 405353SultanSebron17MWFarmer Baker Co Ga
 415353SultanBlount15MWFarmer Baker Co Ga
 425353SultanJohn14MW  Baker Co Ga
 15353SultanSidia7FW  Baker Co Ga

Odom, Mary A. 5 May 1876 CA Randolph Co., Ga. Legal notice. R. A. Perry, executor of Mary A. Odom, represents to the court that he has fully administered Mary A. Odom's estate; re: to be discharged from executorship & receive letters of dismission 1st Mon Aug 1876.7

Cuthbert Appeal 25 Mar 1869 Notice. R. A. Perry has applied for exemption of personalty and setting apart and valuation of homestead and I will pass upon the same at 10 o'clock A. M. on the 3d day of April 1869, at my office. M. Gormley, Ordinary. mar25-2t.7

On May 27, 1861, enlisted with the Baker County 'Fire-Eaters' Volunteers. He was wounded at Chancellorsville, VA (Battle of the Wilderness) on May 3, 1863. Was admitted to Jackson Hospital in Richmond, VA with severe wounds to neck and shoulder. He was furloughed home for forty days in 1864. He returned to the war and surrendered at Tallahassee, FL on May 10, 1865. He was paroled at Albany, GA on May 15, 1865.3, 4

6th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
6th Infantry Regiment was organized at Macon, Georgia, in April, 1861, and soon moved to Virginia. Its companies were recruited in the counties of Bibb, Crawford, Butts, Baker, Twiggs, Gilmer, Taylor, and Mitchell. Assigned to General Rains' Brigade, the regiment totalled 703 men in April, 1862, and was active at Williamsburg and Seven Pines. Later it transferred to General Colquitt's Brigade and remained under his command for the balance of the war. The 6th served with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Chancellorsville, then was ordered to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida where it fought at Olustee. During the spring of 1864 it returned to Virginia, participated in the conflicts at Drewry's Bluff and Cold Harbor, and endured the battles and hardships of the trenches at Petersburg. Sent to North Carolina the unit saw action at Bentonville and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. It lost 38 killed, 167 wounded, and 3 missing during the Seven Days' Battles and reported 43 casualties at Chancellorsville and 61 at Olustee. The field officers were Colonels Alfred H. Colquitt and John T. Lofton; Lieutenant Colonels Charles D. Anderson, William M. Arnold, Wilde C. Cleveland, Sampton W. Harris, and James M.Newton; and Majors James M. Culpeper and Phil Tracy.

From service record and pension application9
* Promoted to Corporal sometime after February, 1863 but before March, 1864.
* Listed as AWOL since April 18, 1864 on April, 1864 roll call.
* Admitted to Jackson Hospital in Richmond, VA on July 10, 1864 suffering from a gunshot wound to the left foot.
* Furloughed from Jackson Hospital July 28, 1864 and sent home.
* Signed his enlistment papers with an 'X'.
* Pension application filed January 11, 1900 and was witnessed by Nat Bradford, J.H. Bailey and J. Keaton.
* Pension application states that the Chancellorsville wound had left him with a useless arm and spinal damage, causing sight problems. The pension was allowed and was received until at least 1907.

In the Randolph County Book of Wills8 -
  * page 33 - Witness to will of William A. Stubbs 05-08-1876. Will probated 08-07-1876
  * page 57 Witness to will of Jackson Kenerdy 05-31-1880. Will probated 11-02-1884.

Redmond appointed Commissioner to review feasibility of bridge, August 28, 18766
Redmond appointed Commissioner to review the building of a road, May 26, 18776

Both Redmon and Siddath died at son Allison Smith Perry's home in Quitman, Brooks County, GA.2
Siddath died two weeks after Redmon died. Possible influenza epidemic?

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