John C. Sutton Family

Name Born Place Married Place Died Place
John C. Sutton 1795 Newbern District,
Pitt County, NC
18245 Pulaski County, GA5 18465 Baker County, GA5
Siddath Blount 1806 Washington County, GA        


John's Jacob Sutton5  
Siddath's Isaac Blount5 Judith Frizzle5


Name Sex Born Place Spouse Married Died Place
G. Blount Sutton M Mar 1 18363 Baker County, GA3 R. Elizabeth McMurrain3   Oct 13 19123 Baker County, GA3
Seaborn Sutton M 18335 Baker County, GA     September 17, 1862  
Jacob Blount Sutton M 18294 Baker County, GA     18634  
John Eli Sutton M 18375 Baker County, GA        
Solomon Stephens Sutton M 18264 Baker County, GA Jane Bailey4   18824  
Sarah Ann Sutton F   Baker County, GA        
Siddath Sutton F Aug 1844 Baker County, GA Redmon A. Perry May 01 1864 1916 Ochlocknee Cemetary,
Thomas County, GA


1850 Baker County census
 395353SultanLydia44FW 600Washington Co Ga
 405353SultanSebron17MWFarmer Baker Co Ga
 415353SultanBlount15MWFarmer Baker Co Ga
 425353SultanJohn14MW  Baker Co Ga
 15353SultanSidia7FW  Baker Co Ga

Seaborn Sutton enlisted with the Baker County "Fire-Eaters" Volunteers on May 27, 1861. Killed at Sharpesburg, Maryland on September 17, 1862.2

Jacob Sutton enlisted in the 51st GA Infantry and was killed at Knoxville.5

G.Blount Sutton enlisted in the 2nd GA Cavalry and was captured, crippled and imprisoned for the war's duration.5

Solomon Stephens Sutton enlisted in the 29th GA Cavalry and returned to Baker County after the war5

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